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Films for children 3+


1-Minute Nature Story: Last week a squirrel came to visit

1Minuutje Natuur: Vorige week kwam er een eekhoorn op bezoek
Netherlands 2015 / 2’

A squirrel has been coming to visit Viktor over the past few days, peeking in the window that overlooks her favorite tree. Viktor describes her fur, which is covered in dark spots, and how she waves her tail, adding that he hopes that they will soon become real friends. This short animation, which can provide inspiration for discussions about nature, ingeniously combines drawings and photography, the simplicity of ordinary objects and the power of imagination.

director: Stefanie Visjager, Katinka Baehr
cinematography: Lotte van Dijck
editing: Katinka Baehr, Stefanie Visjager
sound: Maartje Duin
animation: Kris Kobes
production: radiomakers DESMET, NTR, Mediafonds
sales: Radiomakers Desmet, Stefanie Visjager
language: Dutch
colouration: colour

1-Minute Nature Story: Queen of the Night

1Minuutje Natuur: Koningin van de nacht
Netherlands 2015 / 2’

Cactuses appear to be dangerous and inaccessible, with sharp spines that can inflict a painful sting. But Naimh knows that, despite appearances, they are kind and friendly. Not to mention beautiful, like the Queen of the Night, a unique specimen that blooms only once a year. Appearances may indeed be deceiving and beauty may be found where it is least expected. When Naimh talks about cactuses, they become sensitive and delicate.

director: Stefanie Visjager, Katinka Baehr
editing: Katinka Baehr, Stef Visjager
sound: Laura Stek
animation: Kris Kobes
production: radiomakers DESMET, NTR, Mediafonds
sales: Radiomakers Desmet, Stefanie Visjager
language: Dutch
colouration: colour


France, Switzerland 2015 / 4’

Even when it is raining, there is no reason for autumn to be dreary. When the leaves have already fallen and winter is on the horizon, the animals living on the banks of the stream start preparing for the coming cold season. Outfitting their holes, seeking shelter, the minks set out one one more voyage by boat. Though silent and subdued, November is full of warmth. Its delicate drawings were sketched in autumnal browns and grays.

director: Marjolaine Perreten
screenplay: Marjolaine Perreten
editing: Myriam Copier
music: Serge Besset
producer: Annick Teninge
production: La Poudrier - École du Film d'Animation
sales: The school La Poudrière
colouration: colour


Germany 2014 / 5’

Bert is sound asleep. When he stretches after waking up, a drop of rain hits him on the head. Where is the hat that was supposed to protect him? In the end, he finds the daredevil who stole his greatest treasure. He invents a ruse to recover the lost item and punish the thief. But his desire for vengeance is defeated by his good heart. With sensitivity, Pia Auteried shows what compassion, understanding, and friendship can be.

director: Pia Auteried
screenplay: Pia Auteried
music: Katrin Schweiger
animation: Pia Auteried Annie Habermehl, Alexander Dietrich, Ferdinand Engländer
producer: Paul Maresch, Anna Matacz
production: Filmakademie Baden Wuerttemberg
sales: Sigrid Gairing
colouration: colour

Miriam’s Stray Dog

Miriami kodutu koer
Estonia 2015 / 5’

When Miriam and her parents, brother, and beloved pet chicken make a snowman, the family is joined by what appears to be a lost dog. Miriam takes him home and asks her dad to put up posters around the neighborhood about the stray. The chicken is clearly unhappy with the presence of their temporary house guest. Fortunately, the matter is resolved in the morning. This Estonian animation is another part in a series about the adventures of little Miriam.

director: Andres Tenusaar
screenplay: Leelo Tungal, Peep Pedamson
editing: Raivo Möllits
producer: Andrus Raudsalu, KERDI Oengo
production: Nukufilm
sales: Nukufilm Oü
colouration: colour


Germany 2014 / 3’

All animals are red or brown, but the Lynx is gray. Which is why no one wants to play with him and everyone laughs at him. Out of his sadness grows anger and a desire for revenge. He wants others to like him so much that he decides to do something cruel. This is a simple, almost minimalistic animation. At the same time, however, it forces us to reflect on how much we want to be liked and how we function among others.

director: Susann Hoffmann
screenplay: Susann Hoffmann
music: Moritz P. G. Katz
animation: Susann Hoffmann
production: HAW Hamburg / Department Design
sales: Shorts International
colouration: colour

Snow Bunnies

Снежные зайчики
Russia 2014 / 4’

Christmas is coming, and some snow bunnies and their mom are looking for a Christmas tree. They are being followed, however, by a hungry wolf who is only thinking about how to eat them. The festive mood is contagious, and the bunnies' mom has a good heart and knows how to tame the wolf. The drawings in this classic fairy tale are reminiscent of the traditions of Russian folk art, as is the music that leads us through the wintry landscape on a December night.

director: Elizaveta Manokhina, Polina Manokhina
screenplay: Elizaveta Manokhina
music: Sergei Filatov
producer: Nikolay Makovskiy
production: Soyuzmultfilm Animation Studio
sales: Soyuzmultfilm Film Studio
colouration: colour

Getting dressed can be fun

Une autre paire de manches
Belgium, France 2015 / 6’

'Arthur, you have to be dressed in five minutes!' says Arthur's mom. But five minutes is not very much time! Especially when his chair runs off with his shirt and pants, one of his socks turns into a lizard, and drowning in his sweater, we find ourselves in the depths of the ocean. Getting dressed is difficult, but it can also be fun! Arthur's wild imagination tells him how to have fun in the morning. But will his mother understand?

director: Samuel Guénolé
screenplay: Samuel Guénolé
editing: Corine Bachy
music: Falter Bramnk
animation: Samuel Guénolé
cast: Raphaëlle Bruneau, Roman Guénolé Wilusz
producer: Arnaud Demuynck
production: Les Films du Nord
sales: L'Agence du court métrage
language: French
colouration: colour