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A Thing Among Things

Giovanni Giaretta
Italy, Netherlands 2015 / 7’

The recollections of a blind person accompanied by a close-up image of minerals. The indistinct and blurred image is a reflection of what it is like to gradually lose one’s sight. It becomes more and more difficult to discern shapes, figures, and objects. Everything starts to blend together, and only changes in color signal a change in the field of vision.

Patryk Tomiczek

Giovanni Giaretta

Born in 1983. Currently lives and works in Amsterdam. Studied Design and Visual Arts at IUAV University in Venice. Has taken part in numerous in-residence programs, most recently De Ateliers in Amsterdam. His films have been shown at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam and at the International Documentary Film Festival in Jihlava, among others.

Selected filmography

2011 Dans la Baleine (video, short)
2012 Untitled (video, short)
2014 An inaccurate distance (video, short)
2015 Rzecz pośród rzeczy / A Thing Among Things (short)

Cast & Crew

director Giovanni Giaretta
screenplay Giovanni Giaretta
cinematography Giovanni Giaretta
editing Giovanni Giaretta
sound Emanuele Cicconi
producer Giovanni Giaretta
production Studio Giovanni Giaretta
language English
colouration colour