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With All Our Cameras

Miguel López Beraza
Spain, Hungary 2016 / 27’

How many cameras are needed to film someone’s life? This is the question posed by Sandor Nagy, a man who sells cameras on the outskirts of Budapest. His unusual character and accomplishments are what got Miguel López Beraza interested in making a film about him at the very moment when he purchased his first camera. 

Patryk Tomiczek

Miguel López Beraza

Born in 1984. Completed studies in Architecture and Photography. Received a DocNomads—a master’s program in documentary filmmaking—scholarship in 2012, which he completed at the Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa, SZFE University in Budapest, and the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels, which is where he made his first short film, Walls (2014), for which he won a Spanish Goya Award.


2014 Walls (doc., short)
2015 Jan Peeters (short)
2016 Ze wszystkimi naszymi aparatami / With All Our Cameras (doc., short)

Cast & Crew

director Miguel López Beraza
screenplay Miguel López Beraza, Sandor Nagy
cinematography Miguel López Beraza
editing Miguel López Beraza, Bruno Herrero Pariente
sound Marko Sipka, Sari Haragonics
cast Sandor Nagy
producer Mario Madueño, Massimiliano Nardulli
production Pantalla Partida, DocNomads
language Spanish, Hungarian
colouration b&w