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Of Slaves and Robots

Miloš Tomić
O robovima i robotima
Serbia 2016 / 3’

An animation based on radio speeches in Belgrade by a Yugoslav professor at the University of Belgrade who urged his students to think for themselves and to form their own identities so as to avoid becoming the eponymous slaves and robots. Of the two evils, he asserted, it would be better to be a slave than a robot.

Patryk Tomiczek

Miloš Tomić

Born in 1976 in Belgrade. Graduated from the Academy of Art in 2001, and completed post-graduate studies in animation in 2007 at Prague’s FAMU film school. Represented Serbia at the Biennale in Venice in 2013.

Selected filmography

1994 Užegli krtičnjak (short)
1997 Mileva and Vasa (doc., short)
2005 Skirter (anim., short)
2007 Plastic Biags (anim., short)
2016 O niewolnikach i robotach / O robovima i robotima / Of Slaves and Robots (anim., short)

Cast & Crew

director Miloš Tomić
screenplay Miloš Tomić
cinematography Miloš Tomić
editing Stanko Milovanović
music Vladimir Chab
animation Miloš Tomić
visual design Ivan Benusi
producer Miloš Ivanović, Gregor Zupanc, Mićun Jauković, Miloš Tomić
production Attic Studios
language Serbian
colouration colour