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Expression of Sightless

Jessica Sarah Rinland
United Kingdom 2015 / 4’

The latest experimental film from the director of Adeline for Leaves (2013), who is well known to New Horizons audiences, deals with various ways of experiencing art. The protagonist is a blind man who uses his sense of touch to experience the beauty of sculpture. His hands come into contact with Renaissance works and then rub and caress them. For viewers of the film, the situation is completely different. They are unable to feel the sculptures in their hands, but then, they are able to see them. Who really gets to know art in this way?

Patryk Tomiczek

Jessica Sarah Rinland

A British-Argentinean film artist. Graduated from Central Saint Martins. Her film Nulepsy was screened at festivals in New York and Rotterdam, among others. Her first individual exhibition took place in 2013 at Limbo Arts.

Selected filmography

2010 Nulepsy (short)
2012 Electric Oil (doc., short)
2013 Description of a Struggle (short)
2013 Adeline dla liści / Adeline for Leaves (doc., short)
2015 Ekspresja niewidzialnego / Expression of Sightless (short)

Cast & Crew

director Jessica Sarah Rinland
screenplay Jessica Sarah Rinland
cinematography Jessica Sarah Rinland
editing Jessica Sarah Rinland
sound Ed A. Guy
cast David Johnson
producer Jessica Sarah Rinland
production Nowness
language English
colouration b&w