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I don’t think I can see an Island

Emmanuel Lefrant, Christopher Becks
I Don’t Think I Can See an Island
France 2016 / 4’

Christopher Becks and Emmanuel Lefrant, who are well known to New Horizons audiences, this time in a joint film project once again take on the act of seeing, which is already clear from the title of this experimental film. Filmed from a distance, the image of an island is subject to creative manipulation. The object that we are looking at is subject to change and, in doing so, it becomes difficult to definitively answer the question about how it really looks.

Patryk Tomiczek

Christopher Becks

Christopher Becks is a director and author of experimental films. His work has been shown at the Pompidou Centre, the Austrian Film Museum, Museum of Photography in Tokyo and at the International Film Festival in Toronto. He creates films in which the very act of watching reflects back at the viewer.


2009 Cross-Quarters (co-dir., short)
2012 Ritournelle (co-dir., short)
2016 Nie sądzę, że mogę zobaczyć wyspę /I don’t think I can see an Island (short)

Emmanuel Lefrant

Born in France in 1975. An artist whose interests are based on film abstractions. His works have been shown all over the world. He is associated with Light Cone, an experimental-film distributor.

Selected filmography

2001 Underground (short)
2002 Saraban (short)
2006 Overall (short)
2015 Zniszczona ziemia / The Devastated Land / Le Pays Dévasté (short)
2016 Nie sądzę, że mogę zobaczyć wyspę / I don’t think I can see an Island (short)

Cast & Crew

director Emmanuel Lefrant, Christopher Becks
screenplay Emmanuel Lefrant, Christopher Becks
cinematography Emmanuel Lefrant, Christopher Becks
editing Emmanuel Lefrant, Christopher Becks
sound Emmanuel Lefrant, Christopher Becks
producer Emmanuel Lefrant, Christopher Becks
production Light Cone
sales Light Cone
language no dialogue
colouration colour