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Camilo Colmenares
Germany 2015 / 6’

Quimtai presents forms and designs that are the legacy of extinct Colombian cultures. Camilo Colmenares’s short film transports us not only back to the time of the ancestors of modern-day Colombians, but also, due to the form used in the film, back to a time when cinematic history was only just beginning.

Patryk Tomiczek

Camilo Colmenares

Born in 1976 in Bogota. He learned the craft of filmmaking in his native Colombia. He graduated from the Academy of Modern Arts in Cologne in 2014. Quimtai was his graduation project. He lives and works in Cologne.


2015 Quimtai (anim., short)

Cast & Crew

director Camilo Colmenares
screenplay Camilo Colmenares
cinematography Camilo Colmenares
editing Tama Tobias-Mach
music Ernesto Coba
animation Camilo Colmenares
producer Camilo Colmenares
production KHM Köln
language no dialogue
colouration colour