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The Path

Jasmijn Schrofer
Netherlands 2015 / 17’

The maker of The Path makes her commitment to the art of dance clear. However, dance as presented in her latest film is not at all a demonstration of physical skill, but rather a corporal manifestation of religiosity. Immersed in the mysticism of the surf, the documentary’s protagonists give in to the rhythm of their prayers, and the accompanying movement of their bodies is for them the eponymous path to enlightenment.

Patryk Tomiczek


Cinedans Festival 2016 - Best Dance Film, The VPRO 2016 - Documentary Prize, Netherlands Film Critics - Prize 2015, Wildcard Prize 2015

Jasmijn Schrofer

Born in 1992. The Path was her graduation film, in which she made her interest in dance clear. Schrofer is a graduate of the School for Young Talent in The Hague.


2014 Unfold (short, doc.)
2015 Ścieżka / Tarikat / The Path  (short, doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Jasmijn Schrofer
screenplay Jasmijn Schrofer
cinematography Marjoke Haagsma
editing Emiel Nuninga
music Kaveh Vares
producer Rianne Ebbeling
production Netherlands Film Academy
sales Some Shorts
language Turkish
colouration colour