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Man Night

Małgorzata Suwała
Męski wieczór
Poland 2016 / 18’

It’s a hot summer in the city. Andrzej is facing yet another matriculation exam, and his family should provide a source of strength and composure in this difficult situation - at least theoretically. He knows there is no way to avoid a difficult talk with one of the most important figures in his life. Is it too late already?

Agata Bratek

Małgorzata Suwała

Małgorzata Suwała was born in Warsaw, and is currently completing her degree in Film Directing at the Krzysztof Kieślowski Faculty of Radio and Television University of Silesia. As a child, she dreamed of being the protagonist of her favorite films, now she simply wants to make them. She is a compulsive-obsessive recycler who dreams of traveling to Alaska.


2014 Afekt / Affection (short)
2016 Męski wieczór / Man Night (short)

Cast & Crew

director Małgorzata Suwała
screenplay Małgorzata Suwała
cinematography Adam Zapała
editing Konrad Styczeń
music Joachim Andrzejkiewicz
cast Robert Wabich, Agnieszka Wosińska, Zofia Wichłacz
producer Jerzy Łukaszewicz
production WRiTV UŚ
sales WRiTV UŚ
language Polish
colouration colour