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The Meet

Ina Hrabarenka
Poland, Belarus 2015 / 12’

A former train operator leads an orderly and lonely life interrupted suddenly by an encounter with a dog who has been hit by a car. His adoption of the stray garners some interest from a neighbor. Such accidental friendship might be salvation to some big city loners, but could also be a source of additional suffering in this lyrical story about the risk that runs with affection.

Agata Bratek

Ina Hrabarenka

Ina Hrabarenka was born in 1992 in Mińsk. She holds a degree in journalism from Vilno’s European Humanities University and is currently a third-year student in directing at the Warsaw Film School. She debuted in 2014 with The Fish short.


2014 Rybka / The Fish (short)
2015 Spotkanie / The Meet (short)

Cast & Crew

director Ina Hrabarenka
screenplay Ina Hrabarenka
cinematography Egor Efimow
editing Ina Hrabarenka
music Jan Sanejko
cast Viktor Rybczinski, Anna Polupanova
producer Maciej Ślesicki
production Warszawska Szkoła Filmowa
sales Warszawska Szkoła Filmowa
language Russian
colouration colour