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Tomasz Popakul
Poland 2016 / 14’

A pair of astronauts, trapped on a space station by a nuclear war that unexpectedly broke out on Earth, have lost touch with the mother planet, are running out of supplies, and nearly all attempts to make contact have been futile. All that is left to do is watch the mushroom clouds on Earth and somehow try to survive.

Agata Bratek


Holland AFF 2016 – Distinction

Tomasz Popakul

Born in 1986. He received a Master of Arts degree in animation from the Lodz Film School, where he also studied scriptwriting for a year. He was one of the three artists selected for the Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo 2014 residency programme by Japan Image Council (JAPIC). His short Ziegenort (awarded at the T-Mobile New Horizons IFF in 2013) was screened and acclaimed at various film festivals all around the world.


2008 Auge (anim., short)
2010 Ludzie i ryby (doc., short)
2013 Ziegenort (anim., short)
2016 Czerń / Black (anim., short)

Cast & Crew

director Tomasz Popakul
screenplay Tomasz Popakul
cinematography Tomasz Popakul
editing Tomasz Popakul
music Michał Fojcik
animation Tomasz Popakul
visual design Tomasz Popakul
producer Tomasz Popakul
production Tomasz Popakul
sales Tomasz Popakul, Krakowska Fundacja Filmowa
language Japanese
colouration b&w