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Creative Control

Benjamin Dickinson
USA 2015 / 97’

David (director, screenwriter, and lead actor) is an overworked employee at an advertising agency who is also addicted to new technology. He is working on a campaign for a new generation of glasses that make it possible to experience so-called enhanced reality. His relationship with his girlfriend, a yoga instructor named Julilette, is in crisis. David envies his pal Wim, who has a wonderful life with the sexy Sophie. He decides to use the glasses to create a life-size avatar of Sophie. When fantasy and reality mix, passion reaches its peak, and things get out of hand. In one scene, the couple have sex in a designer loft. At the climactic moment, David grabs his smartphone and takes a picture. He is not so much having sex as he is observing himself having sex-he is both the actor and the audience. And, of course, we-the audience-see him as he is observing himself.

Against Gravity


SXSW 2015 - Jury Prize

Benjamin Dickinson

Benjamin Dickinson is a director, writer, and actor in the style of Woody Allen and John Cassavettes. Creative Control is his second film. He previously directed and starred in the critically acclaimed First Winter, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2012. The film also screened at the Warsaw Film Festival.


2012 First Winter

2014 Super Sleuths (short)

2015 Brazilia: City of the Future (short)

2015 Creative Control

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Cast & Crew

director Benjamin Dickinson
screenplay Benjamin Dickinson, Micah Bloomberg
cinematography Adam Newport-Berra
editing Megan Brooks, Andrew Hasse
music Dražen Bošnjak
cast Benjamin Dickinson, Nora Zehetner, Dan Gill, Alexia Rasmussen
producer Craig Shilowich, Melody C. Roscher, Mark de Pace, Zachary Mortensen
production Ghost Robot
Polish distributor Against Gravity
language English
colouration b&w