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Waiting for B

Abigail Spindel, Paulo Cesar Toledo
A longa espera
Brazil 2015 / 71’

Zealous followers with their own rituals, hierarchy, and moral code, the key tenets of which are having a good time and patience await their goddess. If someone breaks the rules, they are punished by being sent to the end of the line. This colorful group is made up of Brazilian superfans frantically preparing for the arrival of their idol, Beyoncé. The most devoted among them decide to put up tents in front of the entrance to the stadium in Sao Paulo two months before the concert date. This is all so as to end up in the first few rows and to be as close to the star as possible. Huddled on the sidewalk, they form a loud, colorful community of mostly young gays and transvestites from poor areas of the city. They cannot afford-in contrast to the rich musical heretics who do not even know the lyrics-the $700 needed to skip the line. The American singer's performance provides a pair of documentary filmmakers with an opportunity to show the emancipatory power of pop. They are not interested in the phenomenon of Beyoncé's popularity-she only appears on-screen on T-shirts-but rather in the phenomenon of fan culture in Brazil, a country of immense social inequality and machismo. Having fun, cross-dressing, andtwerking on the street take on a political dimension, becoming a manifesto for freedom.

Mariusz Mikliński

Abigail Spindel

Abigail Spindel is an American director, editor, and cinematographer permanently residing in Sao Paulo. Waiting for B is her full-length debut.


2007 4 Certain Deaths (short doc.)

2014 Not New Russians (short doc.)

2015 Czekając na B / A longa espera / Waiting for B. (doc., co-dir.)

Paulo Cesar Toledo

Born in 1975, Paulo Cesar Toledo is a Brazilian editor and cinematographer. He graduated from the Department of Radio and Television at the Methodist University of Sao Paulo. He has worked on documentary productions. Waiting for B is his directorial debut.


2015 Czekając na B / Waiting for B. (doc., co-dir.)

Cast & Crew

director Abigail Spindel, Paulo Cesar Toledo
screenplay Abigail Spindel, Paulo Cesar Toledo
cinematography Abigail Spindel
editing Abigail Spindel
music Mario Margarido, Serginho Rezende, Zema Tämatchan
producer Tatiana Quintella, Paulo Cesar Toledo, Abigail Spindel
sales Outplay FIlms
language Portuguese
colouration colour