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Pleasure Is Mine

Elisa Miller
El placer es mio
Mexico 2015 / 93’

In love and filled with passion, Rita and Mateo leave town in search of harmony, balance, and some time just for themselves in nature. While their brief relationship has been a combination of passion, fun, and a carefree attitude, Rita has started thinking more and more about a baby and stability. Her mother and grandmother, who are not particularly fond of the easy-going Mateo, urge her to make some serious life choices. A surprise visit by an attractive cousin brings Mateo's fear of commitment to the surface, and the black clouds gathering around their relationship begin to shake the foundation of their carefully constructed rural idyll. The debut feature film by Mexican director Elisa Miller, a Palme d'Or winner in Cannes for best short film, is an intimate and painfully honest story about the beginnings of love and the apogee of passion, romantic ecstasy, and the difficulty of returning to reality. One of the film's producers is Fernando Eimbcke, the director of audience favorites Lake Tahoe and Club Sandwich.

Magdalena Maksimiuk

Elisa Miller

Born in 1982, Elisa Miller is a producer, director, and screenwriter. While still a student at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica in Mexico City, she made her famous short film, Watching It Rain, for which she won a Palme d'Or in Cannes. In doing so, she became the first Mexican to receive such an honor. Her subsequent projects have been screened at numerous festivals all around the world, including Rotterdam and Toulouse. The Pleasure Is Mine is her feature debut.


2005 Siavus (short)

2006 Ver Llover / Watching It Rain (short)

2008 Roma (short)

2010 Vete Mas Lejos, Alicia

2012 Ekinoccio (doc.)

2013 About Sarah (doc.)

2015 Cała przyjemność po mojej stronie / El placer es mio / Pleasure Is Mine

Cast & Crew

director Elisa Miller
screenplay Gabriela Vidal, Elisa Miller
cinematography Matias Penachino
editing Yibran Asuad, Maria Calle
music Immanuel Miralda
cast Flor Edwarda Gurrola, Fausto Alzati, Camila Sodi, Tina Romero
producer Christian Valdelievre, Jaime B. Ramos, Fernando Eimbcke
production Cinepantera
sales Capricci Films
language Spanish
colouration colour