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Idan Haguel
Israel 2015 / 75’

When Mira wakes up from a nightmare, her husband, Benny, is no longer at her side. And he is still missing several days later. She reports his disappearance to the police, who quickly find a man who turns out not to be not Benny. Mira's mother-a fan of thrilling tabloid stories-tries to be supportive. Meanwhile, Mira continues to search for her husband while also beginning an independent life. For the first time in years, she starts to listen to her needs and feelings, which had been drowned out by everyday life. Is she sure that she really wants Benny to return? Or perhaps she wanted him to disappear... Time passes unevenly: while it is unclear whether hours or days have elapsed between successive scenes, there is no chance of on-screen boredom. Debut director Idan Haguel builds tension as thick as smog by, among other things, contrasting static camera work with the shaky, disturbing sound of an off-screen voiceover. Is this a harbinger of disaster or does it rather herald a break in the inertia of Mira's internal life?

Ola Salwa

Idan Haguel

He was born in 1980 in Holon, Israel. He studied at Sapir College, and after graduation worked for years as a journalist. He made his first short film, Haifa Fish Soup, in 2006. Inertia is his feature debut.


2006 Haifa Fish Soup (short)

2015 Marazm / Inertia

Cast & Crew

director Idan Haguel
screenplay Idan Haguel, Ifat Makbi
cinematography Edan Sasson
editing Dafi Farbman
music Zoe Polanski
cast Illanit Ben Yaakov, Mohammad Bakri, Galia Yshay, Ami Weiberg
producer Elad Peleg, Haggai Arad
production Daroma Productions, Moshav Kochav Michael
sales Oration Films
language Hebrew
colouration colour