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Oleg and Strange Arts

Andrés Duque
Oleg y las raras artes
Spain 2016 / 70’

A documentary portrait of Oleg Nikolaevich Karavaichuk, a legendary figure from the salons of St. Petersburg and Moscow. As the director himself acknowledged: “This is not a typical biopic: everything in the film revolves around the theme of the creative process, and its entire message is built on long shots that link words with music.” The story of this 89-year-old pianist, composer, actor, and performer is linked with the 20th-century history of Russian culture in an interesting way. At the age of 7, at the very beginning of his artistic career, Karavaichuk played a special concert for Joseph Stalin, which was meant to save his father, a pianist, from being sent to a labor camp. In the 1950s, he began composing music for films, entering cinematic history as the composer of soundtracks heard on screen in films by directors such as Kira Muratova, Sergei Parajanov, Ilya Averbakh, and Vasily Shukshin. Many of his projects and compositions were censored in the past and still have not seen the light of day. He is an eccentric artist who, for years, seemed to make the authorities uncomfortable. Even now, he continues to stir up emotions—it is difficult to remain unmoved in the face of his story and passion for art.

Magdalena Bartczak


IFF Punto de Vista 2016 - Award for the Best Movie; Barcelona International Auteur FF 2016 - Best Director (Talents D’A 2016 Award), Critics’ Award (Special Mention)

Andrés Duque

A documentary filmmaker born in Caracas in 1972 and now living in Spain. His short debut, Iván Z, dedicated to Basque director Iván Zulueta, was screened at numerous international festivals and was nominated for a Goya, among other awards. He made his feature-length debut in 2011 with Color Runaway Dog, which premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and won the Audience Award at the Punto de Vista documentary festival. In 2012, he took part in the Robert Flaherty Film Seminar in New York, and a year later he captured a City of Barcelona Award for Dress Rehearsal for Utopia.


2004 Ivan Z (short, doc.)

2006 Landscapes in the Truck (short, doc.)

2007 La constelación Bartleby / Constellation Bartleby

2011 Color perro que huye / Color Runaway Dog (doc.)

2012 Ensayo final para utopia / Final Essay for the Utopy (doc.)

2015 Oleg i dziwne sztuki / Oleg y las Raras Artes / Oleg and Strange Arts (doc.)

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Cast & Crew

director Andrés Duque
screenplay Andrés Duque
cinematography Carmen Torres
editing Felix Duque
music Oleg Karavaychuk
cast Oleg Karavaychuk
producer Marta Andreu, Tània Balló, Serrana Torres, Luis Miñarro
production Intropíamedia, Estudi Playtime
sales Estudi Playtime
language Russian
colouration colour