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The 1000 Eyes of Dr. Maddin

Yves Montmayeur
France, USA 2015 / 65’

Eccentric Canadian director and New Horizons favorite, Guy Maddin, stars in this documentary. Following his balanced film Michael H. Profession: Director, this time around Yves Montmayeur gives himself greater freedom to capture the absurd nature of his subject. He watches Maddin on set and during work on an art installation—a recording of simulated séances. Maddin talks a little about how his career got started and about his fascination with cinema from a bygone era. He is much more interested, however, in reflecting on the spiritual nature of cinema and on whether and how films make it possible to make contact with another dimension. Anecdotes and jokes mingle with a genuine belief in the extraordinary possibilities of the film medium. All of this is shrouded in Maddin’s effusive sense of mystery and his role in the documentary is rather reminiscent of his performance art. The film also features figures who have inspired director, including Kenneth Anger and John Waters. More than simply being a reliable biopic, Montmayeur's focuses on capturing Maddin's aura.

Robert Mróz


Venice IFF 2015 – Best Documentary on Cinema

Yves Montmayeur

Born in 1963 in France, Yves Montmayeur specializes in documentary films about cinema. He enjoys portraying individualistic directors such as Takashi Miike, Hayao Miyazaki, and Michael Haneke. He has also made documentaries about pinku eiga, Hong Kong action films, and Spanish fantasy. When not directing, he works as a film critic and a selector for film festivals. In the 1990s, he worked at the genre L'ÉTrange Festival. He also played in the post-punk band Warsaw Pact and in the group Prima Linea, which made industrial music.

Selected filmography

2005 Ghibli et le mystère Miyazaki (TV doc)

2007 In the Mood for Doyle (TV doc)

2009 Viva la muerte! Autopsie du nouveau cinéma fantastique espagnol (doc)

2011 Pinku Eiga: Inside the Pleasure Dome of Japanese Erotic Cinema (doc)

2013 Michael Haneke. Zawód: reżyser / Michael H. Profession: Director (doc)

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Cast & Crew

director Yves Montmayeur
screenplay Yves Montmayeur
cinematography Yves Montmayeur
editing Fabien Bouillaud
music J. G. Thirlwell
cast Guy Maddin, Udo Kier, Isabella Rossellini, Kenneth Anger, Stephen Quay, Timothy Quay, John Waters
production Brain Works, Cine+, CNC
sales Taskovski Films
language English
colouration colour