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Videoclip v 4.0

Maciej Ćwiek
Wideoklip v 4.0
Poland 2006 / 4’

In the eighties quite common used by the video artists procedure was scratching, that is a making use of an already done pieces of movies or TV programmes. Movie Wideoklip v 4.0 is made in similar way. Fragments of TV programmes are framed and transformed to standardize plastically material which comes from different sources.

Maciej Ćwiek born in 1960. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. Representative of the experimental stream in the polish animated film. Lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań.


1987 Neonowa krowa

1990 Kukułka

1995 Magritte

2006 Wideoklip v 4.0

2007 Walc cis-moll

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