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106 Olney Street

Marcin Giżycki
Poland 2007 / 5’

An experimental film with animated elements. Somewhere in the USA, while the residents are absent, commercials are recorded on their answering machine and reflexes of lights of passing cars create moving images on the walls of the flat.

Marcin Giżycki born in 1951 in Warsaw, arts and film historian, author of documentary films. Since 1988, he has been co-operating with the American school Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, where he holds lectures about the theory and history of film and arts and about modern arts.


1997 Providence to ja! Opowieść o H. P. Lovecrafcie i jego mieście

1998 Wyspa Jana Lenicy

2002 Boltanski w Warszawie. Notatnik

2005 Podróże Daniela Szczechury

2007 106 Olney Street