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A Few Photos

Marcin Pieczonka
Kilka fotografii
Poland 2006 / 27’

A photographer, Adrian, whose personal life has gone into a decline is watching a married couple from the opposite windows. Getting more and more interested in them he takes plenty photos. An observed woman, Magda, dominated by her husband, spends most of her time lonely. Unexpectedly she receives the pictures taken secretly by the photographer. The first anxiousness grows into a will to meet an unknown admirer. This meeting will force her to think over her relationship and her marriage.

Marcin Pieczonka was born in 1974, scriptwriter and director. Before entering a Film and Television Department at the Silesian University in Katowice he graduated from Art History Institute at the Jagiellonian UniversityRecently, together with three other young polish directors, awarded a title of The Most Promising Young Filmaker by the Kino Polska Television.


2001 Wymarzenie / The Indreaming (kr.m.)

2003 Opowiadanie / A Short Story (kr.m.)

2003 Chodźcie, chodźcie / Come on, Come on (dok.)

2006 Kilka fotografii / A Few Photos (kr.m.)

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