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Snail Races

Monika Kotecka
Wyścig ślimaków
Poland 2007 / 7’

A summer resort, off-season, where Natalia spent late holidays with her father, wakens childhood memories. A boy, who accompanies her in this journey, has a trouble finding his place in this reality.

Monika Kotecka was born in Wroclaw in 1981, Monika Kotecka is a senior cinematography student at the Lodz National Film School (PWSFTviT) and a graduate from The European Academy of Photography in Warsaw.


2005 Nemonica (kr.m.)

2006 Samolot (kr.m.)

2006 Gorzkie pomarańcze (kr.m.)

2007 Wyścigi ślimaków/ Snail Race (kr.m.)