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Refugee City

Wojciech Kasperski
Miasto ucieczki
Poland 2007 / 17’

Lodz. The city of factories and hooligans. Tomek - a devoted fan of his football team - gives the world his ultimatum: either his team stays in the first league or he will mete out the justice himself - he will kill someone. The film based on true story is a sensational story about the true fans and ordinary hooligans. It is a story about friendship and violence.

Wojciech Kasperski was born in 1981, he is a fourth-year student of Polish National Film School (Poland), directing faculty. He studied philosophy at Gdansk University. He makes documentary, as well as, feature films. He is currently working on his new film in the UK.


2003 Kasety

2003 Przestrzeń

2005 A Song for Rebeca

2007 Miasto ucieczki / Refugee City

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