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I Have an Idea

Grzegorz Królikiewicz
Mam pomysł
Poland 2006 / 2’

An artist sits down at a table, empty sheet of paper in front of him. He thinks, leaning on his elbows, he holds his head in his hands as if in a vise. The camera watches alternately veins on his sunburnt head, throbbing with intellectual effort and the paper - still empty. Suddenly you notice, that the sheet of paper becomes smaller and smaller, until becomes a tiny scrap, incidentally swept off the table by somebody's breath...

Grzegorz Królikiewicz was born in 1939 in Aleksandrow Kujawski. Since 1969, he has been making documentaries and theatre plays for Polish TV. In 1972, he made his feature debut. Since 1973, many of his essays on the theory of film and anthropology of culture have been published. He also wrote books concerning film analysis. Since 1979, he has been working as a lecturer.


1972 Na wylot

1974 Wieczne pretensje

1977 Tańczący jastrząb

1981 Klejnot wolnego sumienia

1983 Fort 13

1984 Zabicie ciotki

1993 Przypadek Piekosińskiego

1995 Drzewa

2006 Mam pomysł / I Have an Idea

2007 Bardzo krótki strajk / Very Short Strike