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Piotr Ryczko
Poland 2007 / 15’

Mila who is only 9 years old is slowly fading away because of cancer. As the girl has accepted it as a natural order of things, she is more worried about her mother who just can not come to terms with losing her only child. Mila tries her best to help her, especially now that her mother is carrying her baby brother who she might never see. At the same time she slowly starts to glide into a world of fantasy and beauty which opens up new hope in Mila.

Piotr Ryczko was born in 1969 in Szczecin, graduated from Polish National Filmschool in Lodz.


2003 Whenever Somebody Leaves, Whenever Somebody Comes (kr.m.)

2004 MOTH (kr.m.)

2005 Na sprzedaż / For Sale (kr.m.)

2005/2006 Poza ciszą / Below the Silence (kr.m.)

2006/2007 Sprinter (dok., kr.m.)

2007 Mila (kr.m.)

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