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Krystian Kamiński
Poland 2007 / 6’

The evening. A couple of people with suitcases get to the bus. The bus is almost empty. They stand next to themselves. They go several halts in the silence. They look on oneself sometimes. Second steam of halts gets on one. They approach to woman and man. The greeting follows, they are good friends. They begin to joke and invite oneself to the visit in the the closest future mutually. During the conversation woman and man attitude changes in relation to herself. The bus leaves, street is empty. They go away without the word, in opposite sides, every one keeping their suitcase.

Krystian Kamiński was born in 1988 in the Warsaw. He finished secondary school at present. In years 2005-2007 the part took in occupations the Movie Kindergarden organized by the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing The film under the title Cold came into being the chill on occupations movie kindergarden.


2007 Chłód / Cold (kr.m.)