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Maciej Adamek
Poland 2006 / 30’

The protagonist of The Factory is a 19-year-old Adam, who takes a temporary job at a toy factory in order to pay his future studies. There he meets a girl and this forces him to take a different look at reality. It is a story about the first important decisions in life.

Maciej Adamek was born in 1968 in Gdansk. Studied Polish literature at the Gdansk University and then film directing at the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz. Member of European Film Academy. In 2006 his screenplay of feature film Picture won a first prize in polish language edition and a third prize in international edition (Cannes 2006) of screenplays competinion Hartley Merill.

Selected filmography:

1994 W zawieszeniu / Waiting (dok.)

2001 Co dzień bliżej nieba / Every Day Closer to Heaven (dok.)

2002 Konkurs / Competition (dok.)

2003 Powrót / Getting Back (dok.)

2004 Jestem / I am with You (dok.)

2005 W drodze / On the Road (dok.)

2006 Fabryka / Factory (kr.m.)

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