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In the Land of Bright Toys :-)

Mateusz Dymek
W krainie jaskrawych zabawek :-)
Poland 2006 / 30’

Maja sees a once in a lifetime opportunity when she finds an ad for a yoghurt commercial audition in a glossy magazine. On the day of her fifteenth birthday she decides to run away from her small town home to pursue her dreams in Warsaw. A tragicomic story about the changes in present-day Poland.

Mateusz Dymek was born in Poland, raised in Sweden. He is a graduate of the National Polish Film School in Łódź. He has directed The Maids (a play by Jean Genet) at the Teatr Studyjny in Łódź. Laureate of the Kreatura Advertising Award and the Nipkow Scholarship in Berlin.


2001 Zwierzę powierzchni

2002 Ewelina (dok.)

2006 W krainie jaskrawych zabawek :-) / In the Land of Bright Toys :-)

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