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Cu Cu Coo's Egg

Paweł Popko
Ku ku kułcze jajo
Poland 2006 / 24’

Gracjan, a disabled 18-year old, abandoned by his mother who went abroad, lives in a municipal night shelter. He is completely on his own, his older Rother is in prison. Thanks to this openness and a positive attitude towards the world and people he is liked by his bitterly experienced colleagues from the shelter and people in the town, to whom he often slips away on his wheelchair.

Paweł Popko was born in 1975 in Częstochowa. A computer specialist by education (graduale of the Wroclaw Technical University), a filmmaker by passion. An autor of several films and video clips. He has been awarded and recognized at festivals of independent cienema, among others in Częstochowa, Konin, Oświęcim, Toruń, Wroclaw and Warsaw.

Selected filmography:

1996 Dzień

1997 Egzamin

2000 Kameleoni

2002 Uczulenie czy ospa (dok.)

2003 Gruby w Londynie (dok.)

2003 Twór (dok.)

2004 Drugi wymiar (dok.)

2005 Legitymacje (dok.)

2005 Gambler (dok.)

2006 Ku ku kułcze jajo / Cu Cu Coo' s Egg (dok.)

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