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Sunlight and Shadow

Jan Holoubek
Słońce i cień
Poland 2007 / 37’

I prefer to call this film, Słońce i Cień, an impression, rather than a documentary about Gustaw Holoubek and Tadeusz Konwicki. The concept of our collaboration was different from the documentary film. From the very beginning, Tadeusz Konwicki called these projects an artistic will and testament of a father. He himself wanted to make a film, omitting historiography, actual stages of artistic works, and a film about him, not about a symbol of Polish culture. Me, I wanted to make an image of my father not as an artist or philosopher, but above all - as a man, whom I have known all my life. I can see his wisdom, strength, incredible sense of humour, but I can also see him passing. I think that this work included part of his dreams and mine too. In that way, this film is a kind of spiritual testament to my father.

Jan Holoubek was born in 1978 in Warsaw, son of Magdalena Zawadzka and Gustaw Holubek. Cameraman in film and theatre. In 2001 graduated faculty of cienmatography in Łódź. Sun and Shadow is his direct and camera debut.


2007 Słońce i cień / Sunlight and Shadow