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The Stream

Maciej Starczewski
Poland 2006 / 28’

Two brothers. Two close friends. Stefan and Tadeusz from a small village Kurowo in the region of Podlaskie, where there used to be a collective farm. For years, they have spent almost every free moment together. On boats at the overflow-arms of the Narew River, they try to understand the nature of life, its features, and truth. The river is a very special place for them. It gives life its rhythm. The river in spring, summer, autumn and the ice-bound river in winter. Seasons pass. Plants grow, and the river changes. Time passes for the brothers too. One of them, Stefan, gets sick. Tadeusz is left alone. He is waiting.

Maciej Starczewski was born in 1975 in Ostroleka, Poland. Director of documentary and feature tv films in RTL 7 and TVN and TVN 24


2001 Drohobycz bez Schulza

2002 Żal odjeżdżać

2003 Wyzwoleni

2003 Zdobywcy Everestu

2004 Dzieci z Litzmannstadt Ghetto

2006 Wy, którzy przyszliście

2006 Rzeka / The Stream

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