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Filip Bajon
Poland 2007 / 55’

Roman Paszke is setting off in a voyage around the world. If somebody is not aware of the risk of such a trip, I would like to inform that this is, more or less, situation as if somebody put head under guillotine and had a hope that it does not work. He had to authenticate it by an extreme undertaking and a risk. He had to prevail the scale of comfortable life by the scale on which he put the risk of death. The newest technology, the most durable materials, the most complicated electronic will counteract this risk. But always on the one side is unreliable technology and on the other lonely man who must be reliable.

Filip Bajon was born in 1947 in Poznań. He graduated from law at the Adam Mickiewicz University (1970) and from the Directing Department at the National Film, Television & Theatre School (1974). In 1976 he made his first short film and 1977 - his first feature. He directs in theatres too.

Selected filmography:

1976 Powrót

1977 Rekord świata

1979 Aria dla Atlety

1981 Wahadełko

1986 Magnat

1989 Bal na dworcu w Koluszkach

1992 Sauna

1996 Poznań '56

2006 Fundacja / Foundation

2007 Romek