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Unusual Flight of Boeing 737

Jacek Bławut
Niezwykły lot Boeinga 737
Poland 2007 / 24’

The film shows the work of pilots and air controllers of passenger airlines. We witness piloting, which we know little about due to safety measures. We fly to Innsbruck, situated in the Alps, one of the most difficult airports - the pilots are required to have a special training to land there. Emotions, beautiful landscapes, exceptional pilots and an unusual finale, which could only happen to Flight 005.

Jacek Bławut was born in Zagórze Śląskie in 1941, director, screenwriter and cinematographer. He graduated from the Cinematography Department of the National Film, Television & Theatre School in Łódź. He lectures at film schools in Berlin, Hanover, Toruń (Camera Image Film Shool). Currently he is a lecturer at Andrzej Wajda Master School. Since 2003 he has belonged to the European Film Academy.

Selected filmography:

1984 Widok (dok.)

1990 Nienormalni (dok.)

1996 Miałem przyjaciela (dok.)

2002 Kraj urodzenia (dok.)

2004 Born dead (dok.)

2005 Szczur w koronie (dok.)

2007 Niezwykły lot Boeinga 737 / Unusual Flight of Boeing 737 (dok.)