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Very Short Strike

Grzegorz Królikiewicz
Bardzo krótki strajk
Poland 2007 / 53’

The film is an attempt to reconstruct the students' sit-in strike at the University of Łódź, a protest against martial law in Poland. Now, on the strike's 25th anniversary, its initiators - leaders of the Independent Students Union and today's students, who also belong to this organization, try to recreate it. It is a psychodrama, reconstructing the strike, during which there was a massacre and probably a female student was killed. The "combatants" try to bestow the young people with the spirit of time" and "spirit of place" of that courage and sacrifice. Quite unexpectedly, the whole thing is ended with a lesson on morality on how altruism is needed nowadays.

Grzegorz Królikiewicz was born in 1939 in Aleksandrow Kujawski. Since 1969, he has been making documentaries and theatre plays for Polish TV. In 1972, he made his feature debut. Since 1973, many of his essays on the theory of film and anthropology of culture have been published. He also wrote books concerning film analysis. Since 1979, he has been working as a lecturer.


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2007 Bardzo krótki strajk / Very Short Strike