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An Interrupted Flight

Magda Piekorz
Przerwany lot
Poland 2007 / 36’

A moving documentary made to honour victims of last year's tragedy at the carrier-pigeons exhibition in Katowice. The film was made one year after the drama at the International Katowice Fair hall, where the roof fell on participants and visitors of the International Carrier-Pigeons Exhibition. The film is very emotional and powerful. It includes archival footage of the rescue operation. But An Interrupted Flight is more than just a chronicle of memories of those, who survived this tragic accident. It's a kind of film impression. It explores various subjects and searches for answers to many questions: how do we change when facing such tragedies, how do we unite and sympathize with the victims, how long does this solidarity and unity last, does it last? Do we remember and how fast do we forget?

Magdalena Piekorz was born in 1974 in Sosnowiec, screenwriter, director, lecturer at Krzysztof Kieślowski Faculty of Radio and Television in Katowice. Author of documentaries. Her cinema debut was the 2004 film Streaks, based on a screenplay by Wojciech Kuczok. Soon, she is going to defend her doctorate thesis at the Faculty of Radio and Television. She also plans two new feature films.


1997 Dziewczyny z Szymanowa (dok.)

1998 Franciszkański spontan (dok.)

1999 Przybysze (dok.)

2001 Labirynt (dok.)

2001 Znaleźć, zobaczyć, pochować (dok.)

2002 Chicago (serial dok.)

2004 Arystokraci w Nowej Rosji (dok.)

2004 Pręgi / Streaks

2007 Przerwany lot / An Interrupted Flight (dok.)

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