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By the River

Magda Kowalczyk
Przy rzece
Poland 2006 / 12’

Dawn. The black figures appearing in the brushwood. They seem to be working. The sound of cracking branches, after a while we notice the movement of hatchets. Warsaw on the other side of the Vistula river unfolds itself. In Warsaw, the city of dynamic growth and development, could modernity be still confronted with life resembling these from the 19th century? The contemporary metropolis but inscrutable thickets and brushwood in the middle of it? Sky scrapers but some meters farther people who never have used a lift? Still, there is a part of wild and unregulated bank of Vistula river, one may find the relicts of 19th century life...

Magdalena Kowalczyk was born in 1983 in Warsaw. She graduated from the documentary course at Andrzej Wajda Master School of Directing. Her film Odbicie was awarded at the 2005 Etiuda festival. She directed one of the etudes included in the project Cisza II and one part of the Polish-German project entitled Reflection, produced in 2006 in collaboration of the Andrzej Wajda School with film school in Cologne. Her latest film, Przy rzece was screened at several festivals, including the prestigious Hot Docs festival in Toronto.


2005 Cisza II (dok.)

2005 Odbicie (dok.)

2006 Reflection (projekt etiud dokumentalnych)

2006 Przy rzece / By the River (dok.)