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Jacob Dammas
Poland 2007 / 27’

A personal journey to find clues abort the past and meeting the present. In the late 1960s, four strong men from a local bar in Wroclaw carried a 150 kg heavy German-made kredens from one side of Zgodna street to the other. The kredens had been standing in the same apartment and "observed" 80 years of life and the change of people: from two German-Protestant sisters, over a Polish-Jewish family, to today's Polish-Catholic home. Until one day, when the kredens disappeared….

Jacob Dammas was born in 1979 in Copenhagen, Denmark to a family of Polish 1968 emigrants. Since 2005, he has lived in Warsaw. During his studies, he attended film and journalism departments of schools in Montreal and Berlin. Besides this, he worked for regional TV in Copenhagen and for an advertising company in Roskilde. In the post-graduate Andrzej Wajda School, Dammas made a film entitled Cupboard.


2000 ABCinema (dok., kr.m.)

2001 Ernie, the hotdog man (kr.m.)

2002 Pis og Pant (kr.m.)

2004 Dokumenty (kr.m.)

2005 Simonstilstand (kr.m.)

2007 Kredens / Cupboard