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Panos H. Koutras
Greece, Belgium, France 2014 / 124’

Maintained in a convention of magical realism, this is a story of a fraternal bond set against the background of a political and economic crisis. Gay, not quite sixteen years old and with a propensity for excessive fantasies, Dany arrives along with his rabbit in Athens, where his older brother, Odysseas lives. Because their recently dearly departed mother was Albanian and they don’t have Greek citizenship, they face imminent deportation. To prevent that, they decide to find their father who left the family when the brothers were young. Despite their differences, they head off on an adventure and joyous music-filled trip to find their roots. Director Panos H. Koutras’s latest film proves that Greek cinema has not yet peaked. He does not avoid difficult themes and without any whitewashing shows streets dominated by extreme nationalists with their constant xeno- and homophobia. Despite that, in a country rife with conflict and recession, there is still room for humor, friendship and good mood.

Adam Horowski

Panos H. Koutras

Director Panos H. Koutras was born in Athens. In 1985-1995, he studied at the London Film School and in Paris at the Sorbonne. While traveling between the two cities, he made short films that were later presented at various festivals. After returning to Greece, he established his own production company, 100% Synthetic Films, and produced his first feature-length film, the sci-fi parody The Attack of the Giant Mousaka (1999). All his films contain LGBT themes.


1991 The Fall and Rise of Lydia von Burer (short)

1999 I epithesi tou gigantiaiou mousaka / The Attack of the Giant Mousaka

2004 Prawdziwe życie / Alithini zoi / Real Life

2009 Strella / A Woman’s Way

2014 Xenia

Cast & Crew

director Panos H. Koutras
screenplay Panagiotis Evangelidis, Panos H. Koutras
cinematography Hélène Louvart, Simos Sarketzis
editing Yorgos Lamprinos
music Delaney Blue
cast Kostas Nikouli, Nikos Gelia, Yannis Stankoglou, Marissa Triandafyllidou, Romana Lobach, Aggelos Papadimitriou, Patty Pravo
producer Alexandra Boussiou, Eleni Kossyfidou, Panos H. Koutras
production 100% Synthetic Films, Wrong Men
Polish distributor Tongariro Releasing
language Greek, Albanian
colouration colour