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Diego Lerman
Argentina, France 2014 / 95’

"He suddenly gave his knives names. He told me not to get smart or I would have to deal with Don Raul. This was a kind of joke for him," says Laura, a victim of domestic abuse, at a shelter for women harmed by their partners. This time, she is determined to keep herself and her 8-year-old son, Matias, away from the boy’s aggressive father. She realizes, however, that she is going to have to find a new place where they can both start a normal life, without having to be constantly looking over their shoulders. At stake here is not just the freedom from constant fear but also protecting her son’s mental health, as his future is becoming more and more uncertain. Refugiado is a simple, real, emotional film about an attempt to break free of a cycle of undeserved violence. It is superbly made, which is also thanks to cinematographer Wojciech Staroń, who also did the cinematography for Saviour Square (2006) and El premio (2011).

Adam Horowski

Diego Lerman

Born in 1976 in Buenos Aires, Diego Lerman is a director, screenwriter, and producer. He has to his credit four feature-length films, nine short films, and dozens of awards from international festivals, including a Silver Leopard (Locarno) for his debut future film, Suddenly (2002). Since 2008, he has been running the Campo Cine film studio along with Nicolás Avruj.

Selected filmography

2002 Niespodziewanie / Tan de repente / Suddenly

2005 La guerra de los gimnasios (short)

2006 W międzyczasie / Mientras tanto / Meanwhile

2010 Niewidzialne oko / La mirada invisible / The Invisible Eye

2014 Pod ochroną / Refugiado

Cast & Crew

director Diego Lerman
screenplay Diego Lerman, María Meira
cinematography Wojciech Staroń
editing Alejandro Brodersohn
music José Villalobos
cast Julieta Díaz, Sebastián Molinaro, Marta Lubos, Valentina García Guerrero, Silvia Bayle, Sofia Palomino, Sandra Villani, Carina Resnisky
producer Nicolás Avruj, Diego Lerman
production Campo Cine, Bellota Films, Burning Blue, Staron Film, Rio Rojo, Gale Cine, Backup Media
sales Memento Films International
language Spanish
colouration colour