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Video Diary of a Lost Girl

Lindsay Denniberg
USA 2012 / 90’

"A fluorescent version of Pandora’s Box and Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror" (Natalia Kaniak). This cinephile dish is composed mainly from classics of silent cinema as filtered through VHS esthetics. The film references in Lindsay Denniberg’s debut film are not only an attraction in and of themselves, they are also the essence of the story. The main character works at an adult-video store and, in her private life, attracts men with promises of sex. She keeps her word and rewards her lovers with death, at no extra charge. The eternally young Louise is a succubus, who, just like a vampire needs blood, needs sex every month in order to survive. Intelligent and funny, sarcastic and meta, Denniberg, despite showing concern for the transparency of the story, does not give up on the esthetics of the joke and finds inspiration in the rich achievements of cinematic history. Video Diary of a Lost Girl is a treasure trove of film references that, for some, will be an interesting addition to the story and, for others, the very essence of this postmodern work.

Patryk Tomiczek


Chicago Underground Film Festival 2012 – Audience Award; South Texas Underground Film Festival 2012 – Best Cine Du Curious Feature; Dark Carnival Film Festival 2012 – Best Feature, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Visual Effects; Pollygrind Film Festival 2012 – Best Woman Director, Best Actress in a Fantasy Film, It Came from 80’s Underground Award

Lindsay Denniberg

Lindsay Denniberg is an American artist. She studied at the New Media School of the Art Institute of Chicago and at the University of Central Florida, where she made several short films that she herself describes as "strange." After moving to New York, she worked as an assistant to Lloyd Kaufman, founder of Troma Entertainment. She currently lives in Chicago, where she is raising funds for her next film, Third Eye of Medusa.


2008 Wet Skin (video)

2008 The Other Man (video, short)

2008 Fur Fatale (video, short)

2009 Chances (short)

2012 Wideodziennik zagubionej dziewczyny / Video Diary of a Lost Girl

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Cast & Crew

director Lindsay Denniberg
screenplay Lindsay Denniberg, Chris Shields
cinematography Casey Puccini, Taylor Wood
editing Lindsay Denniberg
music Bestial Mouths, Teaadora, Cemetery, Mr. Transylvania
cast Priscilla McEver, Chris Shields, Casey Puccini, Monica Panzarino, Erica Gressman
producer Erin Nixon
sales Lindsay Denniberg
language English
colouration colour