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Black Devil Doll from Hell

Chester Novell Turner
USA 1984 / 88’

A sensual horror rooted in blaxploitation (during the film, we become aware of the presence of all of our senses that are being irritated by the production) that, rather against the filmmakers’ intentions, raises questions about the limits of decency in cinema. At its most basic level, it offers something to fans of art that goes beyond esthetic and moral standards. Just a glance at the story is enough. The main character in the film is a devout woman who gives up her faith because of the pleasant physical feelings she experiences with her doll. Chester Novell Turner convinces us that he is a fearless filmmaker. Despite the presence of religious subject matter, provocation was not the intention of Black Devil Doll from Hell. It is simply a wild film that should engender enthusiasm among audiences in love with midnight movies.

Patryk Tomiczek

Chester Novell Turner

Chester Novell Turner was born in 1950 in the United States. While he only made two films, that was enough for him to gain popularity among connoisseurs of extreme film experiences. His productions are his own original works in their entirety. He not only directed them but also wrote the scripts, produced and edited them and also composed the music. He died in an automobile accident in 1996.


1984 Czarna lalka z piekła rodem / Black Devil Doll from Hell

1987 Opowieści ze Strefy Śmierci / Tales From the Quadead Zone

Cast & Crew

director Chester Novell Turner
screenplay Chester Novell Turner
cinematography Anna Holliday
editing Chester Novell Turner
music Chester Novell Turner
cast Shirley L. Jones, Rickey Roach, Marie Sainvilvs, Chester Tankersley, Jeanine Johican, Rev Obie Dunson, Thalia Holloway
producer Chester Novell Turner
production C.N.T. Production Company
sales Louis Justin
language English
colouration colour