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That Lovely Girl

Keren Yedaya
Harcheck mi headro
Israel, Germany 2014 / 97’

Sexually abused by her father, Tammy, now an adult, is unable to free herself from the influence of her incestuous parent. Her life has been subordinate to satisfying her father, and every act of resistance or rebellion has been violently suppressed. Moshe considers himself to be a loving parent, for whom sex is just one way of subduing a child. The film shows the degree of mental devastation that can occur in place of a child’s trust that has been betrayed in the cruelest way possible. This, Israeli director Keren Yedaya’s third feature-length film, is a powerful, at times shocking psychological drama, with intense performances by two wonderful actors: Maayan Turjeman and Tzahi Grad. The camera gets up close to the protagonists and pulls us in to their claustrophobic, perverse world marked by a deep psychological wound that will never heal.

Michał Oleszczyk

Keren Yedaya

Born in the United States in 1972, Keren Yedaya grew up in Tel Aviv, where she also completed film school. Since her very first short films, she has been deeply committed to political and feminist issues, has courageously spoken out on women’s rights, and has also protested Israel’s presence in the West Bank. Her debut feature, Or (My Treasure), won a Golden Camera at the festival in Cannes in 2004.


2004 Or / Or (My Treasure)

2009 Jaffa

2014 Taka piękna dziewczyna / Harcheck mi headro / That Lovely Girl

Cast & Crew

director Keren Yedaya
screenplay Keren Yedaya
cinematography Laurent Brunet
editing Arik Lahv-Leibovich
music Simone Weber, Stephen Konken
cast Maayan Turjeman, Tzahi Grad, Yaël Abecassis, Tal Ben-Bina
producer Marek Rozenbaum, Emmanuel Agneray, Jerome Bleitrach, Michael Ecklet
production Transfax Film Prods., Bizibi, Riva Filmproduktion
sales Other Angle Pictures
language Hebrew
colouration colour