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The Sound of Spying

Philippe Mora
USA 2014 / 100’

The Sound of Spying starts out like a classic whodunit. The body of a director (played by Philippe Mora himself) who was working on a controversial film that revealed the secrets of working spies during the Cold War is found in the garden. The driving force behind the action is, of course, the question of who killed him, but the answer is not the most important thing here, but rather the path to finding the answer. Contrary to the conventions of the genre, the investigation is led by the victim himself, with the help of an angel who loves to curse. Mora moves the action along in the afterlife, where a couple of detectives from the case, while waiting to find out who did it, take the opportunity to reveal some surprising facts about the spying done by Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill, and Edward Snowden.The strength of The Sound of Spying is in its humor and the idea itself. The filmmaker is not afraid to play with historical facts or to have fun with cinematic conventions, ensuring audiences a great time. In terms of its quality, you can be sure that you will be humming the song My Breasts Changed the Course of History long after you leave the cinema...

Artur Zaborski

Philippe Mora

Philippe Mora is an Australian director, screenwriter, painter, and film producer. He was born in 1949 in Paris to a family with an artistic background. He is self-taught. After making a series of controversial documentaries and educational films for the BBC, he got involved with Australian cinema on a full-time basis. He sometimes makes films in the United States. Mora’s films break every convention, combine various styles, and are almost always imbued with a defiant, surreal humor.

Selected filmography

1976 Szalony Pies Morgan / Mad Dog Morgan

1983 Powrót Kapitana Niezwyciężonego / The Return of Capitan Invincible

1989 Wspólnota / Communion

2011 Niemieccy synowie / German Sons (doc.)

2014 Głos szpiega / The Sound of Spying

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Cast & Crew

director Philippe Mora
screenplay Philippe Mora
cinematography Bruno Pheasantry
editing Brandon R. Scharping
music Adrian Konarski
cast Philippe Mora, Brad Wilson, Rena Riffel
producer Philippe Mora
production Hard Drive Pictures
language English, German
colouration colour