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Agnieszka Polska
Poland 2012 / 46’

In one of the film’s first scenes, we see long-haired people dancing barefoot to a Polish version of Aquarius, a sequence that is not only funny but also significant, as this is a Polish version of Hair – more modest than the original, a local, even parenthetical production. The plot is based around a couple of hippies from Krakow, Aga and Andrzej, join a group of mineralogy students from the AGH University of Science and technology who are organizing a scientific expedition to India in search of a mysterious mineral called aurorite. It is no accident that the name of the mineral brings to mind the hippy Mecca of Auroville. And, in fact, the mineralogy expedition is quickly transformed into a psychedelic journey during which the characters drift on waves of iridescent color to the songs of Mira Kubasińska. Hair takes an ironic look at the differences between East and West, and the filmmaker asks provocatively whether revolutionary ideas are resistant to evolution and distortion, whether, as conditions change, those ideas begin to contradict themselves.

Ewa Szabłowska

Agnieszka Polska

Born in 1985, Agnieszka Polska is one of the most interesting of a young generation of Polish artists. In 2011, she won the grand prize in the Eugeniusz Geppert painting competition inWrocław, while, that same year, her films were screened at the Tate Modern in London. The Pole also found herself among the 20 artists nominated in 2012 for the Future Generation Prize, an award for young artists funded by Viktor Pinchuk, a Ukrainian collector and founder of the Pinchuk Art Centre in Kyiv.


2014 Future Days (short)

2012 Włosy / Hair

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Cast & Crew

director Agnieszka Polska
screenplay Agnieszka Polska
cinematography Michał Sosna
editing Agnieszka Polska, Beata Walentowska
music Breakout, Pro Contra, Electric Prunes, Boring Drug
animation Agnieszka Polska
cast Aga Klepacka, Miron Jagniewski, Andrew Bowles, Andrzej Wierchoła, Monika Misztal, Michał Mądracki
producer Agata Szymańska
production Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej – Zamek Ujazdowski, Mission Auroville – Janek Simon
sales Galeria Żak / Branicka
language Polish, English
colouration colour