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Ana Arabia

Amos Gitai
Israel, France 2013 / 75’

Life in this small Jewish-Arab enclave on the outskirts of Tel Aviv is unhurried, and it is not disrupted when a young journalist named Yael visits. She is collecting material for an article about a former, now-deceased resident of the community: a Jewish woman who survived a concentration camp and fled to Israel after the war, where she later fell in love with an Arab. Slowly passing over the newcomer, the camera looks at the little community in one long shot and listens in on the intimate stories – full of fears, disappointments, dreams, and hopes – of people who live together in harmony despite the ethnic and religious differences that divide them. The dead woman – the protagonist of a still-unwritten essay – appears somewhere in the background, gradually becoming a symbol of dialogue between feuding cultures.

Adam Horowski


IFF Venice 2013 - Green Drop Award, SIGNIS Award

Amos Gitai

Amos Gitai was born in Israel in 1950 and studied architecture. He has been making documentary and feature films for forty years, focusing on social issues related to the Middle East. While he is not a favorite of Israeli critics, he has been recognized at some of the world’s most important international film festivals, as proven by his four nominations for a Palme d’Or and four more for a Golden Lion. At the International Film Festival in Locarno in 2008, he received a Leopard of Honor, the festival’s lifetime achievement award.

Selected filmography

1999 Kadosz / Kadosh

2000 Kippur

2003 Człowiek z sąsiedztwa / Alila

2005 Free Zone

2010 Róże na kredyt / Roses à crédit

Cast & Crew

director Amos Gitai
screenplay Amos Gitai, Marie-José Sanselme
cinematography Giora Bejach
editing Isabelle Ingold
sound Alex Claude
cast Yuval Scharf, Yussuf Abu-Warda, Sarah Adler, Assi Levy, Uri Gavriel, Norman Issa, Shady Srour
producer Michael Tapuah, Laurent Truchot, Amos Gitai
production Hamon Hafakot, Agav Hafakot, Agav Films
sales Agav Films
language Hebrew
colouration colour