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Pierrot Lunaire

Bruce LaBruce
Germany, Canada 2014 / 72’

Nightmare for opponents of gender ideology. And it’s none too surprising in this – after all, we are talking about yet another provocation by the scandalous Bruce LaBruce. This experimental work, originally performed at the Hebbel am Ufer theater in 2011, combines the musical poetry of the famous Arnold Schönberg with the trance-inducing sounds of the Berlin band MadLick. Inspired by the decadent atmosphere of prewar cabarets and the macabre sense of humor associated with the Grand Guignol theater, LaBruce is clearly paying homage to the past. On the other hand, however, we find in the character of Pierrot, struggling with her own sex and erotic needs (in a bravura performance by actress Susanne Sachße), a kindred spirit to the heroes of his earlier films. LaBruce’s sexy and blasphemous work captivated audiences as this year’s Berlinale. Pierrot Lunaire will undoubtedly also appeal to fans of classical music, as well as of artistic porn such as that seen in L.A. Zombie and Raspberry Reich.

Piotr Czerkawski


Berlin IFF 2014 - Teddy Jury Award

Bruce LaBruce

Born in 1964 in Southampton, Canada, as Justin Stewart. He is a writer, photographer, and film director who studied film at York University in Toronto. He has published work in the queer punk magazine J.D.s, among others. He gained fame as the maker of scandalous films that combine the esthetics of independent cinema with the conventions of porn film. He was the subject of Angélique Bosio’s 2011 documentary The Advocate of Fagdom.

Selected filmography

1993 No Skin Off My Ass

1996 Hustler White

2004 Raspberry Reich

2013 Gerontophilia

2014 Pierrot Lunaire


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Cast & Crew

director Bruce LaBruce
screenplay Bruce LaBruce
cinematography Tom Liska, Ismail Necmi
editing Tom Liska, Jörn Hartmann
music Arnold Schönberg
cast Susanne Sachße, Boris Lisowski, Maria Ivanenko
producer Jürgen Brüning, Tom Liska
production Die Lamb, Jürgen Brüning Filmproduktion, Hebbel-Theater Berlin
sales m-appeal / Raspberry & Cream
language German
colouration colour & b&w