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Aaron Wilson
Australia, Singapore 2013 / 84’

A search for the essence of humanity in the midst of a war and a jungle that has been turned into a sanctuary. Aaron Wilson creatively modifies the well-known cinematic and literary motif of the struggle for survival, blurring the boundary between reality and an image of reality that is gibbering with fear and a feeling of alienation. The action in the film takes place in 1942 during Japan’s invasion of Singapore, and it is based on the memoirs of a veteran from the director’s hometown. Shot down in combat, an Australian pilot parachutes into the forest. Among a symphony of natural sounds, explosions, and voices, and followed by the all-seeing eye of the camera, he hides from Japanese patrols. Close to death, he finds his own Friday in the form of a lost Chinese soldier. Surrounded by the lukewarm protection of nature, a spectacle of destruction reminiscent of a Dali painting plays out overhead. The jungle breathes emptiness, and the status of appearing figures is unclear. Wilson’s subjective experience of shows war to be a contest among indifferent superhuman forces.

Agnieszka Szeffel


Abu Dhabi FF 2013 - Special Jury Mention in the New Horizons section

Aaron Wilson

Aaron Wilson was born in Australia in 1976. He has been making short films since 2003, some of which have won awards at international festivals. In 2006, he took part in the residential program at the Objectifs Centre for Filmmaking & Photography in Singapore, where he worked on the screenplay for his feature-film debut, Canopy. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2013. He works full-time for Airbag Productions in Melbourne, shooting commercials.   


2003 Rendezvous (short)

2005 Ten Feet Tall (short)

2007 Wind (short)

2008 Leap Year (short)

2013 Canopy

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Cast & Crew

director Aaron Wilson
screenplay Aaron Wilson
cinematography Stefan Duscio
editing Cindy Clarkson
sound Nic Buchanan, James Choong, Doron Kipen, Rodney Lowe, Les Molnar, Kian Hwa Ng
cast Khan Chittenden, Mo Tzu-yi
producer Michael Favelle, Katrina Fleming, Shaun Miller
production Finer Films, Chuan Pictures
sales Odin's Eye Entertainment
language English, Japanese, Mandarin
colouration colour