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My Blind Heart

Peter Brunner
Mein blindes Herz
Austria 2013 / 92’

Kurt is a loner who lives with his mother. He also suffers from Marfan Syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes heart and lung problems and his nearly total blindness. Meanwhile, Kurt is fascinated by sharks and dreams of studying marine biology in Los Angeles, but is rejected from college. His spiraling depression and confusing relationship with his mother lead to matricidal tragedy. After getting kicked out of a residential care facility, Kurt meets 13-year-old Conny, who becomes his companion in facing harsh reality. Peter Brunner’s debut feature, sketched in high-contrast black-and-white, offers a world devoid of hope, one that is cold and unsentimental. Kurt’s revolt against his body, which turns into a crusade, is as important as it is destined for failure. The director seems to muse over the essence of soul and its value versus the ever-so-tenuous mortal coil, while also provoking discussion about technology that is to serve the sick.

Sławomir Wasiński


Festival de Nuovo Cinema Europa Genoa 2014 - Winner Jury Special Mention; Brooklyn Film Festival 2014 - Best Cinematography, Best Actor; Andrey Tarkovsky International Film Festival "Zerkalo" 2014 - Winner Jury Special Mention; Durban International Film Festival - Award for Artistic Bravery

Peter Brunner

Born in Vienna, Austria, where he attended the Film Academy under the watchful eye of mentor Michael Haneke. He still lives and works in Vienna, where he works in film and music; he has produced numerous short films and music videos. My Blind Heart is Peter’s feature-length debut, shown in competition at the Rotterdam Film Festival.


2005 Frostblühen (TV short)

2007 Krankheit der Jugend / Sickness of the Youth (short)

2009 Scream Now (short)

2012 Turn the Lights Off (short)

2013 Moje ślepe serce / Mein blindes Herz / My Blind Heart

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Cast & Crew

director Peter Brunner
screenplay Peter Brunner
cinematography Franz Dude
editing Peter Brunner
sound Philip Zauner, Laura Endres
cast Christos Haas, Jana McKinnon, Susanne Lothar, Robert Schmiedt, Georg Friedrich, Christopher Schärf, Peter Matiċ
producer Therese Seemann, Klara von Veegh
production Cataract Vision
sales Cataract Vision
language German
colouration b&w