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REALNOST’ –discussion panel

REALNOST’ – panel dyskusyjny

Realnost’ – A Russian online documentary

Realnost’ is a documentary network in which the main characters film their own daily lives, because each day of our lives is so much more enthralling than all TV series and their artificiality put together. Every one of us here can become the main character: the father of a family, an adult woman, teenagers, children, rebels, people of the ‘underground,’ those who are different, outsiders, from all professions and social classes. The Realnost’ project is full of the unique stories and fates of hundreds of people. Normal people record their own lives and, in unexpected ways, open up for the camera. The creators and coordinators of the project are the well-known documentary filmmakers Aleksandr Rastorguev, Pavel Kostomarov and Aleksei Pivovarov, and dozens of people have been working continuously on the casting, footage and Internet site since January of this year. On the subpage www.nowehoryzonty.pl/realnost you will be able to see, from June 28, the current, up-to-date films of Realnost’ main characters, along with a Polish translation. During the festival itself, on July 26 at 15:45 in Cinema 2 at New Horizons, there will be a presentation of the network’s achievements to date, as well as a panel discussion with its creators and various Polish documentary makers.