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Dry Standpipe

Wojciech Bąkowski
Suchy pion
Poland 2012 / 12’

The film Dry Standpipe contains several different disciplines: visual arts, literature and music. This synthesis is the characteristic trait of Wojciech Bąkowski who has won Polityka’s Passport and who is one of the most well-known Polish artists of recent years. In this creation, the sight of abstract shapes are complemented by a commentary based on Bąkowski’s own poetry which inspired the author to make the film.

Patryk Tomiczek

Wojciech Bąkowski

Wojciech Bąkowski was born in 1979, and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. He is the author of animated and video films, artistic installations and radio dramas. He is also a poet and musician, and leader of the groups Kot, Niwea and Czykita. Since May 2007, he has been a member of the artistic group Penerstwo. In 2009, Wojciech Bąkowski won the prestigious competition Spojrzenia. The following year he won Polityka’s Passport.

Selected filmography

2005 Strach (anim., short)

2005 Gwiazdy dymią (anim., short)

2006 Kundelku ujadaj, perełko rób piekło (anim., short)

2007 Film mówiony 1(anim., short)

2012 Suchy pion / Dry Standpipe (short)

Prepared by: Patryk Tomiczek

Cast & Crew

director Wojciech Bąkowski
screenplay Wojciech Bąkowski
cinematography Wojciech Bąkowski
editing Wojciech Bąkowski
music Wojciech Bąkowski
producer Wojciech Bąkowski
sales Galeria Stereo
language Polish
colouration colour & b&w