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Workers Leaving the Factory (Again)

Katharina Gruzei
Die Arbeiter verlassen die Fabrik
Austria 2012 / 11’

Gruzei is following in the path of Peter Tscherkassky and Siegfried A. Fruhauf, and her film relates to the Lumiére brothers’ historic production. Workers Leaving the Factory (Again) has a socio-political context that is rare in experimental cinema, and which automatically imposes an ideological interpretation. The director takes care of the formal side of her film, but much more important is the significance of the anonymous crowd leaving the factory.

Patryk Tomiczek


Crossing Europe FF 2013 – Local Artist Award; Nashville FFl 2013 – Best Experimental Short

Katharina Gruzei

Katharina Gruzei was born in 1983 and studied Experimental Art and Culture Studies at the University of Art in Linz, Austria. She is also a graduate of the Art Department of the University of California Santa Barbara, and of the Visual Arts in the University of Fine Arts in Berlin. Gruzei uses the accomplishments of film, photography, artistic installations, video and performance and her main field of interest is the use of the media as a political, social and cultural tool.


2007 L.A. Work Shift  – Intersection of Lives and Highways (doc., short)

2009 Dialoge I–IV (short)

2012 Wyjście robotników z fabryki (znowu) / Die Arbeiter verlassen die Fabrik / Workers Leaving the Factory (Again) (short)

Prepared by: Patryk Tomiczek

Cast & Crew

director Katharina Gruzei
screenplay Katharina Gruzei
cinematography Renate Bauer
editing Katharina Gruzei
sound Katharina Gruzei
producer Katharina Riedler
production Land Oberösterriech, Kultur Linz, Arbeiterkammer Förderverein der Kunstubniversität Linz, Kärnten Land
sales Sixpackfilm
language no dialogues
colouration colour